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2006-2008: Founding CEO and Chief Architect, Replicate Technologies.

Co-founded a startup to develop software to exploit server virtualization to transform the economics of networked computing. Led product development for an applications testbed service integrating virtual machines and cloud services. Performed hands-on integration of SOA, SQL, and AJAX modules.

Grew the company by recruiting a team of professional software managers and engineers, and as a team raised seed round funding. Continue in an product advisory role.

2001-2005: CTO, CGNET Services International.

Led the product development and technical assistance teams. Restructured and refocused product lines to adapt to new technologies.

Partnered with Cisco, McKinsey, and Accenture in formation of NetHope, a consortium of humanitarian agencies extending the Internet in developing countries.  Managed deployment of VOIP service and pilot broadband satellite network in Afghanistan and East Africa for CARE, Save the Children, and other NetHope members.

Spokesperson and senior negotiator for CGNET to new and major customers, including major philanthropies and international agencies. Specific projects included:


2001-2002:  Reuters Foundation Digital Vision Fellow, Stanford University.

Awarded the Digital Vision fellowship in its first year. Studied novel methods of content filtering for applications in developing countries, including weblogs, RSS, and news search services.

1992-2000: Director of Network Services, CGNET Services International.

Led growth of network services business from annual $500,000 to $5 million. Directed expansion of technical staff from 3 to 28, adding 7/24/365 operation and diversifying services.  

Product architect:  Studied customer needs to design product lines for CGNET, and managed their development and rollout. Highlights:


1988-1992: Network Manager and Consultant, CGNET Services International (Cairns, Australia and Menlo Park, CA).

On-site consulting:  Installed electronic mail systems in fifteen developing countries, often the first Internet-capable e-mail in the country. Consulted with management, technical, and scientific staff on its use.

Consulted on computer acquisition and scientific applications for research organizations in several developing countries.  Advised on the use of PBX's, fax machines, and general telecom issues.

Hired and managed a team of field consultants as the e-mail network grew.

Prior to 1988: Lead programmer for computerized telegram systems, including the national telegram service in Cameroon, in west Africa.

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